Hydroxyl Radicals for water disinfection without chemicals

What would you think if you lived in a country where the 80% of the ground water was unable to make it potable? and the same with the water of more of the 50% of the rivers?

This is already happening in China, where the water crisi is achieving fearful proportions.

Very interesting article written by  Lorenzo Correa (  that should make us think about the rol that we should play the differents agents invloved in water treatment.

For that reason, what can we do for this tragedy doesn’t happen, at least, at our respective countries.

China se queda sin agua potable. ¿El gran trasvase será la solución?

How to make a water’s use more efficient? How to potentiate the water purification to be able to reuse it? This could happen in cities like London, Madrid or Barcelona? In Bogotá?, México City, Sao Paulo…?

How to face this situation? ¿What rol must play the new technologies? How to incentivize the industrial, the water sanitation or the agro-alimentary sectors? How to secure the new technologies incorporation on productive processes to make more efficient and sustainable the use of the water?

The answer is categorical:

The technological advances make possible a much more efficient water’s use, they let in a lot of cases to purify the 100% of the water ready to reuse, even to drink.

Innovatives microbiological treatments, 5 steps purification technologies, Advanced Oxidation Technologies (AOP), the brand new Ionic Flocculation (IF), the new filtration developments are just some examples.

All those new procedures or technologies have the maximum sustainability, and every  day are capable to treat bigger flows at lower costs.

The Ionic Flocculation let us purify any water pollutant  wihout chemicals and filtration system (except a simple prefiltration system);

AOP technologies let us to remove emerging contaminants and to treat big water flows for disinfection with very low energetic conssumption;

The microbiological treatments with previous stabilized microorganisms let us to treat big water flows without significative installations requirements;

the 5 steps purification systems optimize the traditional purification ones…