h2o.TITANIUM looks after water and protects the environment.

The four (4) basic pillars that have made h2o.TITANIUM a great tool unlike anything else in the market and on which all its technological development has been based are:

1. Simplicity in design, installation, use and control.
2. Lowest energy, operation and maintenance costs.
3. Very small footprint. Compact system
4. ECO technology that doesn’t use chemical products.

So, h2o.TITANIUM was born out of the need of the water treatment sector to solve problems that could not be solved using the products on the market at that point in time Currently, it has been working in this sector for more than ten (10) years.

During the first eight (8) years all its resources were allocated to testing, verifying, validating and developing the product now known as h2o.TITANIUM REACTORS. In the last three (3) years it has begun to fully market it and to expand worldwide, because, although the scientific basis for it was known thirty (30) years ago, the required technological advances were not in place to simplify the process enough to allow the technology to be marketed as an industrial product, with a suFciently attractive cost benefit ratio to make it attractive enough to be viable in such a competitive market.