Water disinfection without chemicals

Child prodigies determined to solve the increasing water problems

Water disinfection without chemicals: The future of Hydroxyl Radicals.


water disinfection

Water disinfection without chemicals. Deepika Kurup investigations. Children are also determined to solve the water problems.

In view of some investigators youth, Hydroxyl Radicals seem to have its future guaranteed, as an oxidant agent, for water disinfection without chemicals.


Deepika Kurup won with just 14 years old the Discovery Education 3M Young Scientist ChallengeShe developed a photocatalytic compound (Hydroxyl Radicals generator) for water purification.

This project involved a photocatalytic composite made up of titanium dioxide and zinc oxide, hollow glass microspheres, and Portland cement.

In 2012 Kurup’s photocatalytic composite was able to reduce the amount of total coliform from 8.000 colony-forming units to 50. E-Coli from 1.000 to 0 in less than 9 hours

She improved her method and during the following two years. She obtained a 100% inactivation of total coliform bacteria in just 15 minutes. With this project, she won the 2014 United States Stockholm Junior Water Prize

Nowadays, Deepika is 18 years old and she is combining her university education in Harvard with her water disinfection studies with Hidroxyl Radicals.